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Learn About “Stone” mantel



Before You Stop By - Selecting the right fireplace mantel for your project can be a very satisfying experience - if you are properly prepared. Before you stop by our showroom, just follow these few simple steps...


“Stone” Mantel - You may have heard the term “stone” mantel - remember, not all “stone” are all equal.  The precast, cast, paint grade “stone” products are made from concrete, cement, and pigment with molds.  Real natural stone in various textures and colors mined from the quarries are beautiful in themselves; some of them are like works of art.


Why You'll Love Natural stone - Elegance, Convenience, Durability, Non-combustible, Timelessness...


How to Hire an Install - Depending on where you live, professional tile contractors can be located using a variety of sources. 


How to Maintain Your Natural stone fireplaces - One of many great things about natural stone mantel is that it requires very little maintenance.


Stone Selections and Finishes - The choice of natural stone is endless with a huge variety of stone available from around the world in a myriad of colors and textures.


Mantel shapes - Match the mantel style to your vault ceiling, ceiling moldings, windows shape or highlight your square firebox with a gothic or arch shape mantel.


Learn About “Stone” mantel

We work only with natural stone.  No composite or pre-cast materials is ever used.

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